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Launch and Scale

Feb 23, 2020

How do you know if you’re creating effective ads on Facebook? How can you learn from your data to improve your funnel creation ability? In this video, I talk about three of the most important metrics for measuring sales funnel success and what it means for your business. When you do a product launch, you need to have a waitlist of people built up from day one.

You achieve this through what’s called a sales funnel. The idea is to show potential customers your product. When someone’s scrolling through their feed on Facebook, they’ll see a little bit about your product and a call to action. That’s the first step.

You want to get customers from Facebook to your product landing page. Then, you’ll ask the visitor for their email so that you can contact them easily and move them closer to a sale. So, how do you know if you have effective ads? There are certain metrics that can allow you to determine whether or not your funnel creation went well.

Click through rate is a percentage of people who are clicking the link in Facebook to go to your website. Cost per lead is the amount of money you spend to get one person onto your email list. The overall cost per lead should be from one dollar to two dollars and fifty cents.

Landing page conversion rate is, of the number of people that come to your landing page, what percentage become email subscribers? Each of these three metrics have benchmarks that you should be above or below.

By making sure you’re staying within these benchmarks, you’ll be able to tell if your funnel creation strategy is working and whether or not you need more effective ads.

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